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Northeastern University
NU Student Temps Employer Home Page

  Student Employment News

Welcome to the Northeastern University

Student Employment Website!

NU Student Temps is an on-campus temporary staffing service whose purpose is to connect employers with talented and ambitious students with an emphasis on hiring our international student population.

Benefits for the employer...

  • Receives talented and ambitious student looking to build their portfolio/resume and establish their "brand".
  • Qualified help - students are placed through skills assessments with degree in mind.
  • Save you and your department money
  • Peace of mind...

Benefits for the student...

  • A chance to build their resume and, of course, their networks!
  • Better understand aspects of work they may or may not enjoy
  • Make a little money 
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Submit Off-Campus Job Request   Submit a Student Temps Job

If you would like to post a job, use the above link. You can choose how long your job posting will stay up, and the posting will automatically be taken down at that chosen time. To repost an old job or to post a fresh job, simply go into "Submit a Student Temps Job" and provide the information. 

Please be advised that services provided pursuant to temp job postings will be subject to a service fee.